Prohibited items

The following prohibited item are not allowed in Qudos Bank Arena. These items may change, without notice and at the complete discretion of Management in conjunction with each event:

• Professional cameras or cameras with a detachable lens telephoto lens or a lens that extends more than 5cm from the body of the camera (flash photography is not permitted)
• Recording devices 
• Strollers, prams and baby capsules
• Vacuum flasks of any material
• Umbrellas longer than 300mm (when in the closed position)
• Drones and or other remote controlled devices
• iPads / tablets or any mobile phone measuring greater than 160mm diagonally
• Horns, trumpets, sirens, whistles or Vuvuzela type of noise making devices
• Flags or signs larger than 30cm x 30cm, flag pole not attached and content must not be offensive in any nature
• Motorbike helmets or balaclavas
• Weapons of any kind, including any item that can be used as a projectile
• Laser Pointers, permanent marker / felt type pens, scissors or aerosol canisters
• Backpacks of any size will not be permitted to enter for any event at Qudos Bank Arena
• Specified Bags smaller than the approved size of 30cm H x 30cm L x 30cm W. are permitted, though subject to a search procedure upon arrival
• Baggage sizer's are available upon entry to verify the approve sizes permitted inside the Arena
• Alcohol or illegal substances of any kind
• Cans and bottles (unless event allows 1 sealed 600ml PET bottle of water) of any kind or eskies / hard cased cooler bags
• Chains and spiked wrist / neck bands or studded belts
• Glow sticks and illuminating objects such as LED signage
• Selfie Sticks / monopods or tripods
• Bicycles, skateboards / skates
• Chewing Gum
• Banners, posters, flags or signs larger than an A4 sheet of paper
• Commercial food (fast food items or food purchased from a full service restaurant) excluding items purchased by approved vendors and / or Arena catering outlets
• Commercial packet food
• Fireworks or flares
• Animals (excluding service animals)
• Electronic cigarettes (e-cig or e-cigarettes), personal vaporises, electronic nicotine systems or any other vaporisers

Note: There will be times when the Artist also restricts the entry of personal type cameras & waistpacks.

For items deemed safe, you may cloak prohibited items in our Cloakroom. All care will be taken with items cloaked, however, Qudos Bank Arena accepts no responsibility for loss or damage. In leaving your items at the Cloakroom, you have deemed to have accepted and be bound by our conditions of use.
Items that remain at the conclusion of an event, will be held by the Arena for a period of one month only. Should you accidentally leave an item in the Cloakroom, please call Qudos Bank Arena Reception on 8765 4321 between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.


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