Miley Cyrus fans were among the first people in Sydney to witness Allphones Arena’s brand new leading-edge digital video technology Cisco StadiumVision® in action.

Cisco StadiumVision® is a content distribution system designed to centrally control the delivery of high- definition digital video, targeted promotions and relevant event information to hundreds, or thousands, of monitors simultaneously. This installation makes Allphones Arena the first indoor arena in Australia to have implemented the technology.

Allphones Arena’s General Manager, Guy Ngata, said today: “This is the biggest and most exciting technology upgrade Allphones Arena has seen in its 14 year history. The opportunities it will provide for us, our partners and stakeholders are endless. Cisco StadiumVision® is an innovative new platform that will allow us to showcase dynamic content, interact with fans and to share important information with our patrons at the touch of a button”.

The Cisco StadiumVision® platform efficiently delivers digital content to create a unique experience for patrons and a means of increasing fan engagement. The entire project took just under three months to complete and has seen the installation of 126 NEC HD video displays throughout the venue.

Cisco Asia Pacific General Manager, Sports & Entertainment Solutions Group, Mr. Manny Spanoudakis said today: “We’re thrilled to be commencing this digital transformation of Allphones Arena with Cisco StadiumVision® here in Australia. With this emerging Internet of Everything trend coming alive, Allphones Arena will be at the forefront of imagining what’s possible in the future of fan engagement with sports and entertainment.”  


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