Aussie Guest Skaters To Join Roller Derby Xtreme!


Roller Derby Xtreme (RDX) are pleased to announce the names of the Australian Roller Derby skaters that have been selected to participate in the RDX Training Camp taking place on 19 and 20 November at Sydney’s Allphones Arena, culminating in 12 stand out participants being selected to go on to skate alongside the LA Derby Dolls and New York Gotham Girls Roller Derby as honorary team members at Roller Derby Xtreme.

The RDX Training Camp is an invitational clinic designed to introduce some of the East Coast’s most skilled flat track skaters to banked track skating. Australia’s Roller Derby community skate exclusively on the flat track - banked track skating has not been seen in this country for over 30 years and requires a completely different skill set to flat track, so this a rare and much coveted opportunity for Australia’s Derby community to diversify their skating expertise. Coached by the LA Derby Dolls' Tour Captain, Lace N’ Arsenic and New York Gotham Girls Roller Derby Tour Captain, Bonnie Thunders, on RDX’s custom-designed state of the art banked track.

RDX Training Camp will feature two days of skate skills, game play and strategy culminating in a 2 hour long action packed "battle for your life" bout on the banked track. How the Australian skaters perform out on track will determine who makes the cut.

The bank is 4 and a half foot high at both ends and the track is at a 23 degree angle enabling the skaters to clock speeds of up to 40kms and hour on the straights! This is Roller Derby like we've never seen it before!

RDX commentator Betty Bamalam headed up the selection committee in consultation with local league Head Coaches and the Team captains of the LA Derby Dolls and New York Gotham Girls Roller Derby. After whittling down the short list, 53 of the best skaters from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and surrounding cities have been selected to take part in the RDX Training Camp, with the LA Derby Dolls and New York Gotham Girls Roller Derby ultimately selecting the 12 skaters who will join them and have the opportunity to represent their city and their local Roller Derby league at each RDX bout.

LA Derby Dolls’ Lace N' Arsenic said what she’ll be looking for at RDX Training Camp is “great skating form, the ability to stop quickly and take off suddenly, proper blocking technique, and the ability to adapt and understand strategies quickly. I want to see aggression and courage under pressure and smart play.”

On the West Coast, Gotham Girls Roller Derby’s Bonnie Thunders said “Gotham will specifically looking for good team work, especially the ability to partner with anyone on the track, whether or not you've ever skated with them before. Our team works like a well-oiled machine so we need skaters who can slot right in. Of course, comfort on the banked track is a huge asset. We'll be keeping an eye out for self-motivated skaters who are able to adapt quickly”

RDX is looking forward to welcoming the following skaters to camp:

Aunty Aggro - Canberra Roller Derby League
Babycakes - Newcastle Roller Derby League
Bacardi Bruiser - Sydney Roller Derby League
Bambi Von Smash'R - Canberra Roller Derby League
Bomb Jones - Sydney Roller Derby League
Brigand Strong - Newcastle Roller Derby League
Captain Ratz - Sydney Roller Derby League
Dangerass - Newcastle Roller Derby League
Freudian Slit - Canberra Roller Derby League
Freyda Cox - Sydney Roller Derby League
Godjilla - Newcastle Roller Derby League’
Ova Bearing – Canberra Roller Derby League
Shaggle Frock - Canberra Roller Derby League
ShortStop - Canberra Roller Derby League
Sideshow Ho - Sydney Roller Derby League
Susy Pow - Newcastle Roller Derby League
Winnie Bruise - Sydney Roller Derby League

Axis of Evon - Victorian Roller Derby League
BB Bombshell - Victorian Roller Derby League
Berzerker - Victorian Roller Derby League
Calamity Maim - Victorian Roller Derby League
G-Banger - Victorian Roller Derby League
Mabel Stark - Ballarat Roller Derby League
Mad MelArena - Victorian Roller Derby League
Rai Scar- Geelong Roller Derby League
Rocky - Victorian Roller Derby League
Ruby Ribcrusher - Victorian Roller Derby League
Skate Bush - Victorian Roller Derby League
Swish Cariboom - Victorian Roller Derby League
The Flyin' Nun Chucker - Victorian Roller Derby League
Ya Mum - Dragon City Derby Dolls

Alice Affliction - Gold Coast Roller Derby
Amazon AgetyA - Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Annabelle Lecter - Northern Brisbane Rollers
Chop Chop - Sun State Roller Girls
Christy Demons - Northern Brisbane Rollers
Cookie Cutter - Sun State Roller Girls
Dodge&Bolt - Sun State Roller Girls
Guns ‘N Rosie - Gold Coast Roller Derby
Janosaurus Wrecks - Northern Brisbane Rollers
Juke Nukem - Sun State Roller Girls
Kat Da Brat - Gold Coast Roller Derby
Kimmando Karnage - Northern Rivers Roller Derby
LadyKiller - Sun State Roller Girls
Muzzarati - Sun State Roller Girls
Nikki Nitro - Gold Coast Roller Derby
Nora The Explora - Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Oh Hell No! - Northern Brisbane Rollers
Polly Cracker - Sun State Roller Girls
Punani Tsunami - Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Rose Ruin - Sun State Roller Girls
Sweet Enemy - Sun State Roller Girls
Thumpelina - Northern Brisbane Rollers

One of RDX’s key initiatives is to highlight the standard and increase awareness of Australia’s thriving Roller Derby community and to encourage the general public to get involved in this fast paced, empowering, action sport and support their local league. Local Roller Derby leagues will have a presence at each RDX event giving the fans a chance to find out more about the sport at a grass roots level and learn how they can become involved, whether it be signing up for the “Fresh Meat” program, becoming involved as an official, or just finding out when and where their local leagues meet so they can go along and cheer on their home teams!

In the meantime fans recently had the opportunity for a sneak-peak behind the scenes of Roller Derby Xtreme with Fremantle Media’s TV Special Preview to RDX airing on Sunday 21 October at 2.00pmSaturday 27 October at 3.00pm and on Channel Nine on Sunday 4 November at 2.00pm (check local guides for details). Featuring interviews with the skaters, coaches and officials responsible for bringing Roller Derby Xtreme to life, viewers will also be taken along to the home of the LA Derby Dolls and the home of banked track skating in the US, The Doll Factory and to the home ground of flat track world champs New York Gotham Girls Roller Derby.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to witness this world sporting first!

Tickets are available NOW from or 132849


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