Joker Xue is coming to town this April at Qudos Bank Arena

Chinese Singer-songwriter Joker Xue is coming to town this April. Tickets are now available at Ticketek for his “Skyscraper World Tour” Sydney concert 2019. 
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赶快登录 开抢吧!
Joker Xue, is best known for his ballads including his highest-ranked track ‘Actor’ and so many other hit songs. Dedicated to each note and lyric, Xue composed detailed pieces similar to an architect who is focused on developing the design and composition. Under the prestigious name of ‘Skyscraper’, Joker Xue is ready to reveal the illusive human obsession behind the concrete dreams we live in.
7 April 2019  in Sydney Qudos Bank Arena, Joker Xue awaits.
薛之谦,以其抒情歌曲而闻名的音乐人,创作出如“演员”等多个长期占据各大音乐排行榜高位的大热歌曲。在音乐创作的路上,薛之谦将自己的深情注入到每一个音符和每一段旋律之中。对于每次创作,他犹如一个建筑师从构图到建造,一丝不苟。单曲“摩天大楼“ 揭露了梦想追逐道路人性的虚妄。薛之谦已准备好以音乐的方式向大家展现他对梦想的追逐和理解。
4月7日悉尼Qudos Bank Arena,薛之谦 “摩天大楼”世界巡回演唱会悉尼站与您不见不散!


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