April 1, 2019

MEMBERS OF Parliament have warned the public not to use controversial secondary ticketing site Viagogo, following an enquiry into the live music sector.

In its report, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee warned that poor experiences for ticket buyers could result in less money being spent in the sector.

“We believe that Viagogo has yet to prove itself a trustworthy operator given its history of resisting compliance, court orders and parliamentary scrutiny, and flouting consumer law,” the report says.

“It is imperative that the CMA [Competition and Markets Authority] acts promptly and decisively to bring Viagogo into line with consumer law, and until it does so, we advise the public not to buy or sell tickets via Viagogo.”

The report’s findings were welcomed by anti-touting group FanFair Alliance, whose campaign manager Adam Webb says, “What we now need is action. If a restaurant poses a risk to public health, we expect inspectors to close it immediately on grounds of consumer protection.

“Unfortunately, such enforcement seems absent when it comes to online ticket touting.”

A Viagogo spokesman says   the company was disappointed it had been singled out by the committee, claiming “hundreds of thousands” of British people use the platform “every day” without a problem.

The Select Committee enquiry followed its previous investigations into ticket touting and fraud in 2007 and 2016-17 (unfinished due to the 2017 General Election).

The report also recommended that the government imposes sanctions on Google and other media companies that knowingly accept adverts from ticket sellers which are in breach of the law.

It further set out proposals to help the talent pipeline, such as business rate relief and planning law protection for small venues, and improve music education in schools.


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