Mobile Tickets

If you have selected Mobile Ticket as your ticket delivery option, your ticket will be sent to your mobile phone through SMS/text message.

You will need to display the ticket on your phone for scanning. Don't forget to set your phone screen to a maximum brightness for a successful scan.

For your own convenience, please save the ticket into your phone prior attending the event.

Please find more information about Mobile Ticket from the following links:
Ticketek - Mobile Ticket FAQ
Ticketek - Mobile Ticket Guide

What is Mobile Ticket?

Mobile Ticket is a convenient way to receive your ticket. Instead of having your ticket delivered through postal or email, it will be send as an SMS/text message to your mobile number. You will need to use a smartphone to properly access your ticket.

I received the message from Ticketek, how do I view the ticket?
Click on the link included in the text message, you should see your ticket displayed on the screen.

Do I need to print my Mobile Ticket?
No, you are not required to print a hard copy of your ticket.

How do I save my Mobile Ticket into my mobile phone?
There are a few ways to save your tickets:

  • Take a screenshot - the best way is take a screenshot of your ticket, the ticket then will be available to load from your photo gallery. (Instruction on how to take screenshot for: Apple iPhoneAndroid)
  • Ticketek App - the app allows you to save your ticket on your mobile phone. The App is currently available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.
  • Wallet App - If you're using an iPhone, you can also save your ticket into a wallet app such as Passbook. (Instructions to use Apple Wallet)

I got an email of my ticket, is that also a Mobile Ticket?
No, that is an EzyTicket and must be printed prior attending the event. Please refer to our EzyTicket page instead.


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