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Qudos Bank Arena is moving to a new digital system for viewing, ordering and managing corporate hospitality at our venue. The Turnkey platform is very simple to use and will save you time when ordering digital ticketing, catering and parking.

Benefits of using Turnkey:

  • All event inventory in one place
  • Automated processes for corporate clients
  • Simplified online ordering
  • Digital ticketing, with full tracking and integration with the Ticketek system
  • Multiple reporting

Turnkey Enquiries

Please contact Carly Browne for any venue enquiries and to arrange training/demonstation on 02 8765 4354 or

For any technical enquiries please contact Turnkey on:

Question: Why is Qudos Bank Arena changing how we order food and ticketing?
Qudos Bank Arena is moving to a new digital system for viewing, ordering and managing your corporate hospitality at our venue. The system has been specifically designed for us and our clients and has been designed with input from suite holders.

Question: What is changing about how I order, and when will this happen?
The first phase of this roll-out is for corporate suites and will involve event orders and confirmations, digital ticketing (for those who chosen to have their tickets accessed digitally), food and beverage and parking. The first event we will implement this for is the Professional Bull riding on 19 July 2014.

Question: Why do I need to provide you with my guests details?
In order to assist you and your guests enjoy the experience at Qudos Bank Arena, we ask that clients enter their guests name in the system so that we can help manage the circumstances where guests may have problem in finding their way, have lost their ticket or any other problem that may arise.

Question: Do I have to enter my guest’s details?
This is not mandatory and guest names will not be retained any longer than 24 hours after the event is concluded, nor will the information be passed on or used for any marketing purposes whatsoever. So, it’s your choice and is intended to help you and your guests.

Question: What are your Privacy Guidelines?
Qudos Bank Arena have a full set of privacy guidelines which can be viewed on our website, and we are happy to send you a copy of those guidelines if you would like to view them. Please just contact us and we will send to you for review.

Question: What support will I get in learning about the new system?
The system is simple and easy to use and there is a brief training video link on our website to walk you through it. You can also call Fiona Goumis on (02) 8765 4352 or email our software service providers at Turnkey or phone Scott on 0414 652 480 who will be only too happy to assist you with any queries you might have.